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Search engine algorithms are some of the most confidential, tightly-kept secrets in the world.

An algorithmic search is also known as a natural search or an organic search. The types of results you get from such a search are the listings that are not paid for, i.e. the listing that are not sponsored, paid inclusions, paid placement or pay-per-click.

An algorithm is basically a set of rules that a search engine spider follows in order to index web pages and determine web page relevancy.

Most search engine algorithms follow some general rules. One of the main ones is tracking the location and frequency of keywords in a page. Those pages with higher keyword frequency are deemed to have a higher relevancy.

Search engines are smart enough to know if you are “spamming” them by having a high frequency of keywords.

When writing content (copywriting) for a web page, it is important to remember to write for the visitor as well as the search engine spider. The page could be confusing and unreadable if the content is written using repetitive words and phrases for the sole purpose of attempting to get a higher ranking.

No two search engine algorithms are the same. Which is why search results differ between search engines.

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