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ARTICLE – Duties of a search engine optimizer

I was going through my computer today when I found a list of SEO Duties I must have saved at some time in the past. I’m not sure where I retrieved the list from. If anyone knows the original author of this list can you please let me know? I’d like the opportunity to credit them for compiling the list.

The list reads as follows:

1. Analyze search engines algorithms in crawling, indexing, caching and ranking websites and web pages of the websites.

2. Analyze keywords, descriptions and meta-tags that are critical to the visibility, accessibility, function ability, positioning of websites. Use sophisticated technology to optimize web pages that reflect the theme of client website to ensure they are coded correctly and effectively.

3. Monitor a range of Internet applications for websites with particularly the impact of online function and security system and research the cross-functional requirements between web design and web performance to comply with search engine’s algorithm.

4. Analyze and develop website processing a wide range of capabilities, including numerous static information, dynamic information, and multimedia components. Analyze optimization performance and devise appropriate actions for promoting and maintaining and increasing website prominence within topical web communities.

5. Run tests to ensure websites and backbone system are finely integrated in terms of overall performance. Find and correct faults in websites and supporting languages. Manages transfer of files and memory allocation for website on the server. Creates automatic systems of data and content storage on website.

6. Carry out extensive site-wide analysis to identify and resolve coding and usability issues. Comprehend web statistics that measure the website traffic, analyze the backgrounds of web visitors, detecting error messages for un-checked web pages, linking strategies, etc. Recommends any necessary programming changes.

7. Analyze and translate business talk into “computerese” and back into business talk by structuring web operations that meet the needs of client and end users.

8. Coordinate webmasters and programmers in a site’s development to build successful websites by providing coding recommendations to client and to website construction team, and contributing resolution of search related problems inherent within a website’s architecture.

9. (This is from a job offer description found on the www). Develop technical architecture of websites including scripting, database design and user interface design. Refreshes website content to ensure accuracy and timeliness of information and images. Stays abreast of industry trends and all applicable technologies, including scripting, security issues, authoring tools, graphic design tools, and new languages. Integrates new technologies into website.

10. Keep abreast of changes in standards for html, internet browsers and authoring tools, to ensure that pages use modern code.

11. Follow and track changes to the web, including frequent updates and alterations in the ways that some search engines index pages.

12. Observe trends on the web, as they happen, and make suggestions based upon those trends. For instance, moving from banner advertising to context-based text ads (such as AdWords) because they tend to receive better click-through rates.

13. Review pages for ease of use and attractiveness to human visitors, including editing of copy, suggestions on visual aspects of design such as color, images, layout of pages, and so on.

14. A good technical knowledge of the use of different computer programs including email, browsers, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, antivirus software, personal firewall software, and others.

15. Ability to communicate well both orally, and in writing.

16. Ability to gather information and statistics, and present those in an easy to understand manner.

When I actually read everything in the list I’m amazed that these are the things SEO’s do on a daily basis. I’m amazed that these are the things I do on top of my other day-to-day duties. No wonder there aren’t enough hours in the day!

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