iPower Search is all about maximizing your online presence and giving you a competitive edge over your competitors. Having a web site involves much more than simply having a few pages online describing your business and who you are.

Being online is another avenue of business promotion. Being online is another entrance into your store. Another way that your customers can access you whenever it suits them. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world!

If you can’t be found online, it’s similar to having a real-life store or office hidden away in a dark alley somewhere with no front door! No one knows you exist.

iPower Search is here to help you reach all your potential customers and drive these people to your site, then inspiring them to buy your product or service.

It is our job to review your site, make recommendations to you, then help you to implement them. We then constantly monitor your site to see how well it does with the changes. More changes might need to be made to the site to get better results. After that, the site needs a little tweaking every now and then to keep things running smoothly.

With iPower Search your business will start to get the benifits of having a website. Our SEO specialist staff will be able to advise the best possible solution for your site. The best way to go is some pay per click advertising and a iPower Search optimised website for the best results.

Basic site report for only AUD$9.95^

Site report includes: keywords density analysis, search engine positioning analysis (in Google, Yahoo!, Excite, AltaVista, HotBot, MSN, WiseNut, AlltheWeb and Teoma), report on how Google “sees” your web site, search engine analysis (a basic indication of how well a web site is optimized for viewing and ranking).

Internet Marketing

Link Popularity

Link popularity, as the name suggests, is about the number of links that go to your site (a.k.a. backward links). Link popularity has been deemed and important internet marketing strategy as many search engines use it as a factor in determining the ranking of your web site.

Link popularity is a measure of the quantity and quality of the sites that link to yours. Search engines don’t just count the number of links to your site, but also the quality of those links. Quality is measured on the links coming from sites similar to yours, focusing on similar keywords and also on the links coming from categorized directories or industry-specific portals.

If other sites are willing to link to your site, then yours must have something of interest on it and be ‘worthy’ of being linked to. This is where writing appropriate, interesting, relevant content (a.k.a. copy/copywriting) comes into play. Over time you’ll probably find that if your content is consistently relevant to a specific subject, topic or industry, people will start linking to your web site, and thus your link popularity increases! So it is really important that your web site content is written with purpose and intention.

Be warned though… there are a huge number of “link farms” offering to increase you link popularity. Stay away from them! They rarely, if ever, equate to quality links.

When your order and payment are received we will endeavor to have your web site evaluation report emailed to you in *.doc format within 3 business days.

Please note: You are under no obligation to commit to any other iPower Search service.

For an Example of an Evaluation Report CLICK HERE.

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Seo Package one Seo Package two Seo Package three
  • Basic Site Report (how your site is currently ranking and recommendations)
  • Research into your industry’s presence online
  • Keyword and Keyphrase research
  • Title Creation or Improvement
  • Description Creation or Improvement
  • Meta Tag Creation or Improvement
  • ALT Tag setup
  • Optimized Content on Index Page
  • Web site Submission to Free services
  • For the first 3 months your site will be monitored* and a new site report will be issued to you at the end of that period
  • Additional 3 months web site monitoring (total 6 months)
  • Optimized content on up to 5 pages (in addition to Index/Home page)
  • Quarterly site report
  • 12 months Hosting** (value $AUD198)
  • Optimized content on all pages (up to 50)
  • Monthly site reports
  • Quarterly keyword and keyphrase research & regeneration if required